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Field Day for CCARA has never (Almost never) been thought of as a “Contest” as we use it more for a teaching/learning opportunity. OK, I will be the first to tell you, we do watch the numbers, you can’t help it 😊.

For the Numbers:

We operated on all band 160meter – 2Meter. We operated all modes (CW, Digital, Phone) with the exception of satellite. We had 495 contacts.By our calculations we ended up with 2650 points.

As for fun activities:

Paul (K8IO) gave a very informative talk on YAGI antenna reflectors and directors and how they help direct the signals. This discussion came out of utilizing the 2meter 8 element YAGI antenna. That is really a fun antenna, we were talking to HT’s 40 miles away. Would have loved to have more time playing with that antenna, but you always want more time during Field Day. In our “antenna farm” we had several antennas both member made and purchased. One antenna that really impressed me was the fan dipole that I created. This is the first antenna that I made without plans from someone else (It’s just three separated dipoles but it still worked well) We also used a 160meter Carolina Windom, that is one very long antenna!

For the radios, we used ICOM 7300 and Yeasu 991a, all radios worked very well and we worked as much as we could without tuners.

CW station was operated by Gary Poland, he did a great job in educating us on CW and was very willing to help us understand some of the dits and dahs… Someday I will understand some of it.

I would like to VERY much thank our hosts for the event, Paul (K8IO) and Dee Jellison. They truly went above and beyond. If you know our club, we like our food! This Field Day was no exception with great dinner Saturday night and a lunch both days. We wished Dee Jellison a happy birthday and thanked her for sharing it with us!

Too many members participated to call out each one individually but would like to call them out as a group! Great Job.

In reality, this is the first Field Day in two years, I really don’t know what I feel about last years Field Day as everyone was operating from home. Understandably working from our personal stations so we could stay healthy so we could get together this year. Best part of Field Day is spending it with friends!

Dave K8DEG

Some FD 2021 Stats…

50 CW QSOs
132 FT8 QSOs
313 Phone QSOs

Furthest QSO Hawaii 15m FT8 ~4475 miles
Band with most QSOs 40m
Bands with QSOs 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2
DX QSOs Belize and England
Most Unique QSO VE9 Maritime on 6m

Andrew Adrian

Andrew Adrian


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