WF8B Mike


     First licensed in 1986 as KA1NYT. I spent twenty years in the U.S. Navy Submarine force. My last duty station in Massachusetts afforded the opportunity for me to obtain my Amateur Radio license.

     A couple of friends and I started with our Novice licenses and within a year obtained our Amateur Extra license. I became an ARRL VE and started participating in exam sessions.
Upon retiring from the Navy, my wife, son and myself moved back to Ohio.

     I worked for Wilmington College for twenty three years and retired once again in 2015. I am still an ARRL VE however, I am also a Laurel Amateur Radio Club VE and the Team Leader of the Clinton County Volunteer Exam Team.
My my wife, Charline, KD8IQI and our son Chase, KC8QQB are also hams.

    I serve as the ARRL Emergency Coordinator for Clinton County. I try to operate on HF daily and can be found on VHF and UHF. A radio is never to far away.