K8IO Paul


I live in Wilmington Ohio with my wife Dee KB8BVM. I am active on Hf/vhf/uhf operating on HF and repeaters as I commute. I operate two repeaters on 443.375, 224.08.I am the President AND technical VP for the Clinton ARC. First licensed in 1977 my call was formerly Wd8kmx which I held for 32 years. You will find me on 147.12, 145.11, 224.08 443.375, The W8GO dstar repeater on 145.16 or 442.150 here in Wilmington. I am also delving into the world of MESH communication using the microwave bands.

I am VERY proud to report my Ham family is radio-active. My son Todd is now licensed as Kd8iql. And the Latest addition is my Grandaughter Ashley age 19, Kd8nia she has been a ham for 9 years now.

My hf operations includes operations both from home. You may find me lurking about on 10 thru 160 meters.

I have various rigs and enjoy fixing them. I like boat anchors as well. Check out my Hammarlund discussion group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hammarlund_moderated/Some antennas I use, a ta33 triband beam at 50 feet, W8AMZ OCF 80-6 dipole, Hygain Hytower vertical. Various 6, 2, 220 and 440 antennas.

Here is a photo of my  shack from a few years ago