2020 Ohio ARES SET

See the note below from Stan Broadway

Hey gang!  This year’s SET will be October 3 and 4, and it’s going to be a big one!!   As you know, we have been working on Matt’s curriculum of traffic management to take ARES in Ohio up to the next level- by making us much more proficient in sending messages….the one main thing we’re tasked with doing!

Matt’s plans this year will make this a LOCAL exercise for your county, and counties around you.  Yes, there’s a broader umbrella program involved, that actually involves FEMA, Washington DC, but the focus is on YOUR county, and the effort has been to put together a realistic exercise that you might easily face in real life.

So let’s get warmed up!  Take a look at this video:  https://youtu.be/gPYvqfGARm4   and see if that helps get you excited.

We are creating a “message handling” curriculum for ALL ARES members, we think you’ll like it! So far, viewer testing has been really positive!

So take a look and get ready for the SET October 3 and 4th!  It’s getting closer.


Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle


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