Winter Field Day Shack Prep

Here is some of the work we did to prepare the “Shack” for the Winter Field Day Event.  Thanks to all that participated.  Not pictured, we added carpet to the step landing and an outside light above the door.

New floor patch.  The floor by the door had a hole in it.  Replaced about a 3 X 2 sheet of plywood and reinforced the subfloor support.
Cable Passthru (2) were added, capped on the inside to keep water and critters out.  Outside was pointed downward for water not to flow in.

We added new outlets, 3 in total.  There were several electrical issues corrected.  All exposed connections were put into flex conduit.
To hold the fiberglass pole for the 2 meter antenna, we used stage light clamps.  The clamps worked great for quick installation and takedown.
 I know you can’t tell by this picture but this was a bare stud wall when we started.  We added insulation and checked the wiring.

Dave Gordley

Dave Gordley


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