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Tower Installation

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Steven Frazier
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I am looking for some help on buying and installation a 40-45' tower.  I haven't done anything like this before and would like to install a couple of Ham antennas and a couple of tv antennas on the tower.  I am looking for an individual or maybe a company that could install the tower and hang the antennas.  This would be in Washington Court House.  TIA.

Gregg Wardlow
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I see a couple years have elapsed since your initial 'ask' about tower installation. I'm near the point of installing a 40' or 50' tower at my place. Going to be an aluminum self-supporting tilt-up tower so I just need to see if I have room for a 50' tower (to lay on the ground while adding antennas) in the location I'm considering for the tower and, wait for spring to roll around. Mine will support several radio antennas, a few lights, a weather station, a camera and an American flag. 

Did you get any suggestions, thoughts or assistance when you asked the group? I think I have everything covered but you never know. Since I haven't installed a tower or antennas on a tower in the past there may be a few things I haven't considered that I should have.  

CCARA, any suggestions or thoughts to help an old guy out? Catch me on the radio if you hear me out there. I monitor the New Vienna/Spring Hill 444.575 machine often. Or 3139 Ohio State Wide on DMR.