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Flying with ham radio gear

Ok, so you have the opportunity to travel to some place really cool…you have to fly to get there and you want to take your rig with you…how in the world do you pack something like that? I found myself asking that exact question on a recent trip to Hawaii. I wanted to take my rig with me to do a Parks on the Air activation. Seems simple enough, right?

Radio Mobile by VE2DBE

Ever wondered what kind of coverage your radio setup provides? Well wonder no more with a free coverage map tool by VE2DBE. After creating a free account at, you can create coverage maps based on the technical details of your radio and antenna setup.

Care and Use of Surplus Military Mast Poles

I was first exposed to the use of military surplus masts during Field Day in 2017. I have never seen a kit that included everything needed to erect a 40-foot mast, even the hammer. I started looking for one of these kits, the fellow members of the club kept talking about how they got theirs and how inexpensive they were… Those days were long past, the 40 Ft mast kits are now $400 – $500 if you can find one. I would still love to have one.