Local Yaesu System Fusion

The first of 3 System Fusion repeaters has been installed on 147.12!

Yaesu System Fusion Notes and Updates

I am adding a few files (Located at bottom of this page) for loading into your System Fusion radios.  These files will change as we get more and more involved with Digital Radio and, for lack of a better term, “CodePlugs”.  If you have exports of a file that can be loaded using NON Commercial applications (programming applications that come with your radios) please feel free to send me a note.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Check out the Clinton County D-Star repeater on 442.150 (+).


While there aren’t any current plans to deploy a DMR repeater in Clinton County, we are working to get a talkgroup on Brandmeister for Clinton County for hotspot users.  In order for it to be provisioned, there must be usage shown on a prospective talkgroup.  The talkgroup is 31614.


Yeasu FTM-100DR Files in CVS Format.  For importing into the ADMS application.  Contains BandA and BandB repeaters that I have saved to my FTM-100DR. Band A is local 2 Meter Repeaters, Band B is 70CM repeaters.  I tried to sort them based on distance from Clinton County.  KB8UAW.