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Wolf River Coils TIA

I’m finally getting around to posting about my experience with the Wolf River Coils TIA on a recent trip to South Carolina. I wanted to take my rig with me on vacation, but the only “travel” antenna I had was my EFHW. Being at a beach house I figured there wasn’t going to be a very good place to string a 66 foot wire antenna. Well K8DEG came to the rescue and let me borrow his TIA antenna. The antenna was a breeze to setup. Screw all the pieces together, screw the legs on with the three radials, run the coax to the radio and it’s assembled! As far as tuning, I connected the antenna to a NanoVNA and moved the collar around till I got it “dialed in” on the band I wanted. I ran FT8 at around 20w and was amazed at what it was able to do. I made a number of contacts that I didn’t think I would be able to make given the height of the antenna and the power level. Overall I was beyond impressed by the performance and ease of assembly of this antenna. 73, W9AMA