A Message From Club President Dave G. K8DEG

Just to keep everyone up to date.

We are planning on having a Tech class. The class will be either online using Webex or ZOOM, or after all of this is over and we feel we can do it safely, in person. If you or anyone you know would be interested in an online training class, please reply to this or send us a message.

We are also looking into doing some videos and posting them to our own YouTube channel. There are a few subjects we want to cover, but if you have suggestions please again let us know.

We are having a Thursday night Net at 7:30 pm on our 147.120 repeater. Informal Net just to keep the radio busy 🙂.

Andrew is working on a rewrite of the CCARA webpage and it looks great!

That all I have right now, more to come. 73 K8DEG Dave

Dave Gordley

Dave Gordley


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