Clinton County Ohio Amateur Radio Association

CCARA Members Participate in SKYWARN Recognition Day

WB8ZZR (Paul, KD8DGH (Mark) and K8DEG (Dave) participated in the 20th Celebration of SKYWARN Recognition Day.  The special event started Friday December 6th at 7PM and continued until 7 PM the following day.  Paul (WB8ZZR) and Mark (KD8DGH) are primary operators and Dave (K8DEG) was a secondary operator for the 2019 season of weather incidents.  About 37 contacts were made from WX8WIL stations and many thanks were given to the operators for what they do.  Contacts were made on 20 and 40 Meter bands along with the 147.120 and 444.55 repeaters that are normally used in case of inclimate weather.  

National Weather Service, Wilmington, OHIO

Mark KD8DGH can't believe what he is hearing :)

Our station at NWS ILN, sunny day.

Hard to see but there is a 40 foot mast with a G5RV out there.