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Starting Again

I was first licensed in 1994... or was it 1992, can't remember.  I got licensed due to a friend of mine AA8KU kept nagging me.  He had been nagging me for quite a while and I kept telling him no, I did not want to learn Morse code.  When they went to a No Code Technician license, I said I would.  We studied resisters and capacitors and diagrams and on and on.  I passed!

10 years later, I let it expire, Handheld (Radio Shack used one that cost me $350) was broken, and couldn't afford it.  What got me back in?  A group I belonged in was doing GMRS and I went on Amazon looking for a new radio.  Boefeng handheld for $25.. really?  It got me interested in the hobby again.  I could do this without breaking the bank.  I have since given that Beofeng to a Boy Scout who now is a General.  As for the handhelds, I have several, Yeasu, Icom, Tyt and others, but I still have a few Beofengs, one in the car, one in the Jeep and one in my computer bag.  

There are purists that say you should never buy a Beofeng and I would not suggest one of you can afford better but whatever gets you on the air!


73's Dave

Posted by Dave Gordley Saturday, February 16, 2019 5:44:00 PM


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