Clinton County Ohio Amateur Radio Association

NWS Spring Meeting 

I went to the NWS spring meeting this morning.  Very interesting, they got there predictions from this fall very close to correct.  Also listened to other Ham talk about the SkyWarn Net and it's issues and enhancements.  The last time  was at the local NWS office was 1994,  lt has changed since then. More people, less windows many many more computers.

there are things that they think of that would not cross my mind, for instance what the wind rating of the building is, how tall and big are the trees (in case they fall) what kind of food preperations have been made... We could all learn to plan a little better.

Posted by Dave Gordley Saturday, February 23, 2019 5:46:00 PM

QRP Low Power 

Doing it with less

Lately I have been playing with QRP.  QRP is generally less than 6 WATTS, but many think that it just means lowest WATTS needed to connect.  I have two QRP built rigs, the Yeasu FT818ND and a Xiegu X5105.  I really like the Yeasu, the sound if great and there are many nice features to it.  I have made several contacts with the Yeasu with the farthest being Florida.  The Xiegu has a lot of really neat features such as built in antenna tuner and build in SWR analyzer.  You have to work a little harder to make contacts but I personally like the extra effort to put into it.

Posted by Dave Gordley Sunday, February 17, 2019 9:40:00 PM

My Second Time Around 

Starting Again

I was first licensed in 1994... or was it 1992, can't remember.  I got licensed due to a friend of mine AA8KU kept nagging me.  He had been nagging me for quite a while and I kept telling him no, I did not want to learn Morse code.  When they went to a No Code Technician license, I said I would.  We studied resisters and capacitors and diagrams and on and on.  I passed!

10 years later, I let it expire, Handheld (Radio Shack used one that cost me $350) was broken, and couldn't afford it.  What got me back in?  A group I belonged in was doing GMRS and I went on Amazon looking for a new radio.  Boefeng handheld for $25.. really?  It got me interested in the hobby again.  I could do this without breaking the bank.  I have since given that Beofeng to a Boy Scout who now is a General.  As for the handhelds, I have several, Yeasu, Icom, Tyt and others, but I still have a few Beofengs, one in the car, one in the Jeep and one in my computer bag.  

There are purists that say you should never buy a Beofeng and I would not suggest one of you can afford better but whatever gets you on the air!


73's Dave

Posted by Dave Gordley Saturday, February 16, 2019 5:44:00 PM